More information about whats ahead for Mariners Church.

Mariners Church Ocean Hills was built upon the conviction of making a difference in this community and being a beacon of light in this valley. We are a church with a 40 year history of reaching out and caring for the surrounding areas. We’ve remained focused on the story of God who came to be among us, to love us, and to rescue us. We are a church where it is OK to be a person who doesn’t have it all together -- a person in need of Jesus. The best part of all of this is that we’ve done all of this together.


We have been blessed with a campus of undeniable potential for what God can do in and through this church. Upon hearing our neighboring Mariners campus, Mariners Mission Viejo was searching for a permanent location, Jeff Pries, Lead Pastor of Mariners Church Ocean Hills, felt compelled to suggest a combined future here at this campus. With ample space and a combined desire to be a church that allows people to come and experience Jesus each and every weekend, but to also actively take it out into the community, we are excited and expectant for what God will do as we embrace this next season together. 


Starting September 9th, our two communities will join and start a new and exciting future together. Jeff Pries and Jeff Maguire, lead pastor of the Mission Viejo Campus, being longtime friends and colleagues, are so excited to lead together in this calling to be in the county for the county.




  • July 2018 - Neighborhood Vision Nights

  • August 2018 - Open house at future home of Mariners Church South County

  • Sunday, September 9, 2018 - First service as Mariners Church South County and celebration

  • September 23, 2018 - Estimated launch of Mariners Ranch Church in Rancho Mission Viejo

  • Fall 2018 - Estimated launch of Mission Viejo area church


Neighborhood Vision nights

Come meet Jeff Maguire and hear from both Jeff's as they share the vision for Mariners Church. Dessert will be served. Adults only, please. Please register via links below to receive location details.

  • Sunday, July 1: San Juan Capistrano
  • Tuesday, July 3: Mission Viejo
  • Sunday, July 8: Laguna Niguel
  • Tuesday, July 17: Dana Point
  • Sunday, July 22: Ladera Ranch




What prompted the plan to bring Mission Viejo to this campus?

Jeff Maguire and Jeff Pries have been meeting monthly for the past year catching up, sharing notes, assisting one another, and focusing on the unique needs of this area. During these meetings, Jeff Maguire shared and asked for prayer for finding a future location for their church. Jeff Pries felt a calling to open the door for a combined future at our campus. Our campus has a unique space for “big dreams” and opens the door for the future the church was always designed to grow into. Both Jeff Pries and Jeff Maguire have worked alongside each other for years within the Mariners family of churches and are excited for this next season working for one church campus together.


Why does Mariners Mission Viejo need to move to a new location?

From the beginning, Mission Viejo knew that because its current location at Crown Valley & Medical Center is a rented facility owned by Mission Hospital it could never be a permanent home. Accordingly, a team of professionals from ministry, finance, and real estate has been researching properties and opportunities.


Does Mariners Mission Viejo have the option to extend its lease?

While there is still time remaining in their current lease, their landlord (Mission Hospital) has already generously extended our lease twice before. Mission Hospital intends to expand its care offerings by building out their infrastructure, making another lease extension an impossibility.


Who will be the pastoral leaders?

This new season will look similar in many ways as well as new and exciting in others. Jeff Maguire will serve as senior pastor working alongside of Jeff Pries who will serve as lead pastor. Jeff Pries will continue teaching regularly and be present on Sunday mornings, though Jeff Maguire will teach the majority of weekends. Jeff Pries will also take on the strategic role of overseeing the development and equipping of leaders to plant new churches. Jeff Pries and Jeff Maguire are incredibly gifted speakers and feel called to lead this church into this new season. They both are excited with what this collaborative effort will bring to this church. 


Why Mariners Church South County?

The decision to establish Mariners Church South County is fueled by two things: a distinct calling from God to pursue more ambitious, Jesus-centered goals; and God’s provision of the right timing and resources. This new, joint endeavor will enable us to serve the communities of South Orange County in new and bigger ways. In addition to being a home for people to encounter Jesus, Mariners Church South County will become a hub to equip and send out church leaders to transform our county. Currently, Mariners is equipping leaders to launch two new churches: one reaching the new community of Rancho Mission Viejo and another serving a new location in Mission Viejo (in the area north of Crown Valley Parkway and south of El Toro Road).


What prompted the name change to Mariners Church South County? 

Ocean Hills Community Church, located in the city of San Juan Capistrano, got its name over 40 years ago and through the years it has been a welcoming home for people seeking to learn more about what it means to follow Jesus and a church the community could lean on for support and care. Building on this legacy, Jeff Pries became the pastor of Mariners Church Ocean Hills in 2013. Now, as our churches combine - not just in location but through an expanded vision to be a church in the county, for the county - a new church with a greater vision is being established: Mariners Church South County. 


What will Sundays be like as a combined church? 

The goal of our worship services is always to provide an environment for people to encounter Jesus and connect with one another. Jeff Maguire and Jeff Pries will be the principal teachers of this new church. We’ll continue to offer dynamic worship teams, led by Aaron Flores, currently the worship pastor at Mariners Mission Viejo, and Danica Parker. And, we’ll carry on in building a safe place where people can ask questions and take courageous next steps.


How does this impact the ministries I love at our church?

We will continue to offer the ministries that are core to who we are. Rooted, Life Groups for adults and students, studies for men and women, Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), amazing kids programs, date nights and other Marriage & Family resources will remain part of our church culture. Through Outreach, we will continue to build upon existing partnerships and look for new opportunities to serve our county and the world.


Are the Mariners Mission Viejo and Ocean Hills communities similar? 

Our communities share the values to teach God’s word, be God’s loving family, recognize that every believer is a minister with a ministry, be innovative in our ministry and relevant in our community, and be contagious in sharing Jesus Christ.

Additionally, our communities are already geographically intertwined:  Mariners Mission Viejo and Mariners Ocean Hills comprise people from virtually every city in South Orange County. By resourcing the combined gifts God has given and the strength built over the years at Mariners Mission Viejo and Mariners Ocean Hills, we will take new ground, and amplify the impact of God’s work in the South Orange County region: equipping leaders and planting churches where more people can encounter Jesus and experience the transformational healing only He can bring.


What does this mean for me & my family?

This next season brings the blending of two amazing congregations – new friends, new community, all the while doing some of our favorite traditions with these new friends (i.e. Tree lighting, harvest carnival, vacation bible school, etc.). Mariners holds the same values within each campus so you can expect the same, safe and high-level experiences for your kids, your students, and for yourselves.


What can I do to help?

How can I support the church during this transition?
We are all on this spiritual journey together. Together, we can be in prayer and continue to live out the mission of Mariners by serving, giving, and inviting others to experience the hope of Jesus!

  • Celebrate with thanksgiving the strength of our church communities and the opportunity to step into this new season to establish a church that moves beyond city boundaries to be a church for the county.  
  • Pray for church leadership as they navigate the changes ahead and heed God’s call upon our community. 
  • Consider prayerfully God’s calling upon you in this next season.
  • Direct any questions or concerns to